Kitty Care

Cats like to have it their way, and we are just fine with that! So, whether you have a "rub a little lower, please" or a "touch me, and you will lose an eye" kind of kitty, they will get the attention (or space) that they need. Plus, a freshly scooped litter box, food, water, and a note for you. We will come to your home as often as you would like to schedule a visit. We recommend 1 - 2 visits per day for cats and other small animals. Once we have completed the initial consultation, and we have your client profile on file, all that you will need to do, moving forward, is to contact us with a date request and we will add you to our schedule (and send you a confirmation).

We LOVE cats
We will stop by for a 25 minute visit, and we will play with your kitty, scoop the litter, and make sure they have food and water for the day, as per your instructions. Or, if your cat is more skittish, we can check their favorite hiding spot to ensure they are okay, and provide food, water, and litter scooping.

Kitty Care Highlights

  • Your cat care provider will write a note each day describing the visit.
  • We are happy to text our clients when they are out of town and need a little piece of mind.
  • In an emergency, we will contact you immediately, and take your cat to your vet or an urgent care facility.


  • 25-Minute Visit $18
  • 2 Cats/household included in fee
  • $4/Additional cat
  • Special Needs? Call us: 773 477-0136