Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes. We are covered by a commercial liability insurance policy. We will gladly show you a copy of our policy upon request.

Q. How do I sign up?
A. Complete the online form or call us at (773) 477-0136. If you call and get our voicemail, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.  You can also send us a message via text or email (

Q. What happens during the initial consultation?
A. We want to get to know your pet and we want you to get to know us.  We will meet with you in person and go over your pets' routine. We will discuss any special needs, allergies, or potential medical concerns .  We want to make sure that your pets' needs will be accomodated, that you feel safe with us, and we feel safe with you and your pet. This consultation will last approximately 30 minutes, and is completely free.

Q. How does our pet care provider gain access to my home?
A. We will discuss this during the initial consultation. We recommend that we keep two copies of your house keys. One copy of your keys will be used by your pet care provider, and the second copy will be kept in a locked and secured location in our office. This way, we have access to take care of your pet if we get locked out. Your keys will be very safe. All of our client keys are number coded so that no one can link your key to your home address. 

Q. How do I pay you? When do I pay you?
A. We will bill you at the beginning of each month. Payment is due within one week of receiving your invoice. We accept personal checks, as well as most major credit cards and debit cards. We do not accept American Express cards.

Q. What if my pet gets sick or becomes injured while you are walking them?
A. We believe in being prepared for an emergency, so during the initial consultation we will discuss emergency procedures and obtain your veterinarian's contact detail. In an emergency, we will contact you immediately, and take your pet to your vet or a 24-hour pet emergency room. Any in-depth treatment will require your express permission.

Q. Will I have the same person walking my dog(s) every time?
A. Your pet will have the same walker on a regular basis. We know that dogs can be wary of strangers, and we want to make sure that your dog is comfortable with their pet care provider. However, we need to be realistic. Sometimes when a pet care provider has vacation plans, prior commitments, or becomes ill, and/or a situation arises that he/she cannot walk your dog, we will assign a different, but equally qualified pet care provider. For the new pet care provider's first visit to your residence, they will be accompanied by a manager to train them on your dogs' needs and to show them where the food, water, and any other necessary equipment is. We want to make sure that your new pet care provider is comfortable around your dog and that your dog is comfortable, as well.

Q. Do you administer medication to pets?
A. Yes. We will discuss any medical needs during your initial consultation. Pills can be administered at no additional charge. There is, however, a small fee for injection medication, including fluids.

Q. Do you charge more for holiday visits or after hours care?
A. No. We are pet care providers, and our schedules revolve around you. We do not charge extra for holiday visits. That being said, holiday visits are in high demand. We recommend that you send us your request  as early as possible because holiday dates are reserved on a strictly first-come, first-serve basis.

Q. Are there any dogs breeds that you will not walk?
A. No. We love ALL dogs. We will never discriminate against any breed. As long as your dog is people-friendly, and is OK with someone new walking them, then we are on board.

Q. Do you pack walk dogs?
A. Absolutely no! Your dog’s safety is our priority. If you feel that your dog would benefit from socialization, we can offer to walk your dog with another dog-friendly pup in the same neighborhood. We will never walk more than two dogs at one time, and we will only do a social walk with your express permission.

Q. Is it okay if I give my pet care provider a gratuity?
A. Of course!  You may either leave a gratuity for your care provider at the time of their visit, or we can add it to your bill (at your request). 100% of gratuities go directly to your designated pet care provider.