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 Welcome to the Chicago Pet Care Home Page!


Phone:  773-477-0136

Our specialties are daily dog walks for dog owners on the go and in-home cat vacation care!  

Our primary goal is to always exceed your expectations!

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Please visit our site regularly, it changes often.



Make sure you see our new "Sun Man" confirmation page after you send a booking, comment or job application via our web site forms.  This ensures your information has been sent to a CPC manager.  And remember:  Even if you see the confirmation page, make sure you receive a personal confirmation from a Chicago Pet Care manager.  Your satisfaction and your pets health are our highest priority!

See the map of our Service Area!  From North Ave up to Peterson, Lake Michigan to Western Ave.... and a little bit more.

Looking for Chicago's Premier Dog Walking company?   You're here!  Our business is going to the dogs... and walking them!   If you want reliability, professionalism, and some really fun people walking your dog everyday... well click no further my friend, because Chicago Pet Care is the answer!  

And of course we haven't forgotten the Cats out there!   Chicago Pet Care has been caring for more Chicago felines that just about anyone.  Want to take a look at just a few... go to our Photo Gallery, and look at some of my favorite Chicago kitties!


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Thanks for stopping by,
Debbie Palmer
Owner, Chicago Pet Care


Chicago Pet Care
1341 W. Fullerton, #177
Chicago, IL 60614




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